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Problems can happen at any time, day or night, so we've compiled some of the most common subjects and questions into step-by-step tutorials. Below are links to pages that deal with specific FAQ's that we recieve here at Tiger Mountain Technologies. Every topic includes step-by-step instructions on how to resolve most issues.

Download the Remote Support Tool


Basic Questions
01 What is the remote support tool?
02 What does the icon look like?
03 How do I install the remote support tool properly?
04 How do I uninstall the remote support tool?

01- What is the remote support tool?
Welcome to TMT's Remote Support Tool page! This page contains a link to a password-protected file that can help us troubleshoot your computer over the Internet. Because the file is password protected, you'll need to give us a call and ask for the password before you're able to download it. The file is about 280kb and should only take a few minutes to download depending upon your connection speed.

Below is a series of steps to help walk you through the installation process. The instructions below were created using Windows XP, but are similar for previous versions of Windows.
02- What does the icon look like?
Once the support tool is downloaded you'll have to look for an icon that looks like this:
03- Installing the remote support tool is an easy process.?
  1. Find the remote support tool icon and double-click it.

  2. A window will open up asking you what action you'd like to take. Click "Run."

  3. Another window will open telling you to close all other running programs to insure the program's proper installation.

  4. Now the window will display the User Agreement. In order to finish installation of the remote support tool you need to click "I Accept."

  5. The next window asks you where you'd like to install the remote support tool. If you're not sure where to install it just click "Install."

  6. The last window asks you if you want to finish the installation. Click "Finish" to finish up the installation.
04- How do I uninstall the remote support tool?
Click on the "Start" button, go to programs, then the remote support tool file and click on Uninstall.
Internet Is Our Business
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