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Internet Is Our Business
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Dial-up is the basic method of connecting a computer to the Internet.

What dial-up does is allow for reliable Internet browsing via your phone line.

That means you can enjoy a stable connection every time you dial-up.
Our dial-up service covers the 492, 494, 496, 497, 498, 569, 864, 978, 983, 985 areas and beyond. We provide local dial-in numbers for our customers to prevent long-distance charges while connected to the Internet.
Home & Business Dial-Up Internet Access

Unlimited downloads

Unlimited online time

Speeds up to 56k

Virus & spam filtered email

Always ready to connect

10 MB of web space

Easy and reliable Internet
Bi-Annual Billing Plan
$16.67/month ($100/6 months)
Automated Billing Plan
Monthly Billing Plan
Internet Is Our Business
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