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Internet Is Our Business
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Relay For Life in East Lewis County
WiFi is a high-speed Internet connection transmitted by radio waves, without tying up your phone line.

With a wireless router, you can connect to the Internet wirelessly from any room of your home.

That means you'll enjoy a high-speed connection from your favorite spot in the house.

After years of outstanding dial-up service, we now offer Wireless wherever possible. Due to the line-of-sight limitations of Wireless technology, Wireless simply is not available in all areas. Our Wireless service is offered in downtown Morton and Mossyrock and some areas nearby. To determine availability click here to fill out some general info so that we can check for you.
Home & Business WiFi Internet Access

50x faster than dial-up

Unlimited downloads

Unlimited online time

Use your phone AND be online at the same time!

Virus & spam filtered email

Always connected

10 MB of web space

Save money by dropping your second line!

Enjoy the Internet from any room
Annual Billing Plan
$35.96/month ($431.46/year)
$150 Installation & set-up
Automated Billing Plan
$39.95/month +
$150 Installation & set-up
Monthly Billing Plan
$39.95/month +
$150 Installation & set-up
Internet Is Our Business
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