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Internet Is Our Business
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Basic Questions
01 What is ACH?
02 How do I benefit from signing-up with ACH?
03 What are the risks of signing-up with ACH?

PDF Form sign-up for Automated Billing
01- What is ACH?
ACH is a service offered to TMT's customers for consistent, on-time, and secure payment of services. TMT dial-up and wireless customers can sign-up for this free service at anytime to save some time and money. ACH is one less bill to write a check, carry to the post office, buy stamps for, and drop off before they close. ACH's automatic payment means that your Internet service won't be interrupted. ACH is also peace of mind with a safe and secure transaction every month.
02- How do I benefit from signing-up with ACH?
Customers that sign-up for ACH benefit in several ways!
  • The automatic payment means one less bill you have to write a check for
  • ACH saves you a trip to the post office
  • Speaking of the post office, ACH also saves you a stamp
  • ACH can also save you a trip into town to pay your Internet bill
  • Everyone forgets to pay a bill now and then, but with ACH those days are over
  • Signing-up for ACH is FREE
    03- What are the risks of signing-up with ACH?
    There are no risks to sign-up ACH. Every month ACH withdrawl is made over a secure connection on a reliable network. The only thing you have to lose is another bill to pay.
    Internet Is Our Business
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